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Bosvillapark Eureka


More than 50 years ago the idea for a holiday park in the beautiful forests of Twente took flight. In 1964 Albert and Annie Nieuwenhuis started the building of the first four cottages on a 1.5 acre plot. To 1960s standards, the cottages were already luxuriously designed. They all had private showers and toilets. The next year, in the winter of 1965, the park opened officially. Eureka was a fact.

During the following years, many additions and changes took place. In 1967 electricity was built in and the oil lamps were history. In 1972 natural gas was installed and in 1984 the houses were connected to the sewer network. In the meantime, the park extended as well. Additional land was purchased and new houses were built. In those days this was relatively cheap, they cost only 4,000 guilders each.

In 1990 it was time for the takeover. Remi Nieuwenhuis, one of Albert and Annie’s 5 children, became the new owner. Now, decades later, he is still at the head of Eureka, together with his wife Monique Nieuwenhuis. And in the meantime, the park has grown into a luxury villa park with 55 villas. There is a new reception, several play areas have been built and there are still more plans for the future.



One of the oldest brochures of Villapark Eureka. Then called ‘Bungalowpark Eureka’

The name Eureka

Eureka - An exclamation when you find a solution after a long search. So it means: ‘I got it!’

Now you may think: ‘Eureka? Why this name?‘. The name found its origin in the early years of the park. One of the first guests, a family from The Hague, arrived here to spend their holiday. They had had a tiring journey and desperately need some peace and quiet. The moment they got out of their car, the fresh smells of nature hit them. They could hear the birds singing and saw that this was indeed the perfect place for a relaxing holiday. And at that moment the gentleman from The Hague shouted: Eureka!


Twente. Landgoed van Nederland