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Corporate Social Responsibility

Holiday Park Eureka lies in the middle of the forest on recreation estate Het Hulsbeek. We are the first to recognise the beauty of the nature surrounding us. We are very much aware of the importance of nature. Not just for our holiday park, but also for the rest of the world.

We try to contribute and do our share as much as we can when it comes to preserve a good and liveable environment. This also reflects in our company policy.

  • The patio lamps at our villas work with a timer. Not only does this save energy, it’s also better for the animals living on and around the park.

  • The outdoor lighting at the front of the villas have energy saving lamps. They work on a twilight sensor and only turn on when it’s dark.

  • Our villas have the latest high performance boilers, and all villas have double glazing. This way we aim to cut down on the heating costs.

  • We promote waste separation. On our park you will find a waste disposal area where we and our guests can separate waste.

  • We recycle all organic waste that we collect during gardening and forestry work.

  • We don’t use chemical sprays for the outdoor work at our park.


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